Catering Tips and Tricks

Catering Tips and Tricks

I recently had one of my readers ask me about catering in Houston, TX for an upcoming party that he was going to be throwing. Catering can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to dealing with event planning or setting up large groups. So I decided that I would throw together a help list of tips for catering your next big event.

Figure Out How Many Guests You Will Have

 This seems like a no brainer, but a lot of parties go awry because the host doesn’t know how many people are going to be there. The general rule is that you find out how many people are going to be there, and then order that much food, plus 10%. For an easy example, if you’re throwing a birthday party and 100 people are showing up, make sure you have enough food for 110 people, just in case something happens and a few more people show up. In the worst case scenario, you get to take home some of that food and your guests are welcome to take a plate home as well! It’s much better than getting through half of your reception and then there’s no more food left. Also, if you’re going to go to the trouble of catering event, make sure that your invitations are clear about whether people can bring additional guests (traditionally invitations are ‘plus one’ meaning that you can bring one more person, like a spouse, with you) and then make sure you’re going off that number! In my previous example, if your 100 invitations are ‘plus one’, then you need to get food for 220 instead of 110! Make sure this is done before you start talking to catering companies.

Decide On Your Menu

What kind of food do you want? If you’re having a spring wedding, everyone’s going to be wearing light colors, so having Italian catering with all of those tomatoes might invite disaster for all of those pretty clothes. Make sure that the cater isn’t only going to taste good, but will also be a great fit for your event. Business meals should be filling but not too greasy (no one wants a food baby at 1 PM on a work day), while family gatherings are where you want to have more ‘soul food’ that speaks to you, and more importantly, gets everyone talking to each other! Don’t worry too much about people who have allergies or specific diets, as they should contact you about the menu if they have concerns, and are typically fine bringing a small meal with them if their specific instance can’t be met by the caterers.

Look For a Reputable Caterer

To me, catering isn’t something that I want to get from some big, corporate restaurant. I want something that going to accent the evening, not be an underscore to it. That’s why I always like going to caterers that are local, work with the community, and have real soul. These caterers are the ones that will bend over backwards to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. For example, if you’re looking for awesome Catering in Houston, TX (I’m looking at you, Tom), Goode Company Catering offers amazing food, an expansive menu, and top-notch service. Ordering from someone as well-established as them can make sure that your next party is a hit!

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